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Delft Imaging Systems (Delft) is dedicated to improving people's quality of life around the world by means of its products, software and services. Delft Imaging Systems aims to strengthen health care globally with affordable and innovative medical imaging products. As appropriate healthcare is a basic need, Delft envisions a world in which we can all benefit from the modern world advances in the field of healthcare.

Delft Digital X-ray and CAD4TB Software in South African Prisons


Early in 2015, the South African Health Minister and Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, announced that he was introducing 100% regular screening for tuberculosis for all inmates in South African prisons, as well as for their family members. The decision is significant given that rates of tuberculosis are considerably higher in prisons than within the general population.


In September of this year, The Union took a small group of South African and international journalists to visit Pollsmoor Prison on the outskirts of Cape Town in South Africa to observe the newly introduced South African screening policy. Pollsmoor was chosen because it was the prison where Nelson Mandela himself contracted tuberculosis while an inmate there for much of the 1980s.



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The Baby Viewer

Saving Mothers' Lives and

Newborns' Futures

The Baby Viewer is a unique ultrasound device that is ideally suited for use in those areas where big strides still need to be made in access to quality reproductive healthcare and the reduction of maternal mortality.

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Project Updates and Relevant News


Ghana invests in early Tuberculosis detection with support of the Netherlands



The Ministry of Health of Ghana will implement an innovative project to detect more cases Tuberculosis earlier. The Euro 21,6 Million project



Grote Maatschappelijke Winst met Wereldwijde Aanpak van TB



Investeren in betere diagnose en be-handeling van tuberculose wereldwijd is een zeer effectieve manier om hoge maatschappelijke winst te behalen





Delft Imaging Systems b.v. from Veenendaal is an internationally recognised producer and supplier of medical diagnostic imaging


Computer  Aided Detection for TB (CAD4TB)


With annually 9 million new cases and 1.3 million deaths worldwide, TB is the second

cause of death after HIV/AIDS. Delft Imaging Systems' certified CAD4TB, Computer

Aided Detection for TB, is a software package that automatically analyzes chest x-rays

and is capable of detecting abnormalities that may likely indicate TB. With DIS CAD4TB,

skilled radiologists are no longer required to interpret chest-x-rays enabling screening

of remote populations in underserviced areas.

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